EARTH Resource Consultants (ERC) Limited is an integrated business and technology solutions provider incorporated in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

It provides unique integrated business and technology solutions, specialising in the use of business,
project management, geo-spatial information, information technology (IT) and information system (IS) technology.

Project Development & Consultancy

ERC's Projects and Consultancy Services provides the necessary expertise and advice to its clients regarding their business and projects opportunity realisation activities project management, technology requirements...

Integrated Technology Solutions

At ERC, we research, design, analyze, implement and maintain business, project management methodologies, information technology (IT), information and decision support systems solutions, uniquely structured to suit client needs.

Training Solutions

ERC places great importance on training and the use of emerging techniques and technology for its clients. In addition to the training provided, various workshops for larger groups are of equal importance.

Data Solutions

ERC is able to produce management data, well researched, designed and analyzed to suit different business needs. This coupled with our advanced methodologies makes us an invaluable partner in developing...

Partnerships and Alliance








Fresh Direct Produce and Agro-Allied Services





Our Structure

ERC working from its office and client offices offers a unique range of services, solutions and products within Nigeria.
Future activities will extend to the West African sub-region with deployment of its technical resources